To All the Pets I've
Loved & Lost

"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I wanna go where they went." -Will Rogers

My Mackenzie (Kenny) Plants

January 2006 - February 19, 2019
     As a journalist, I've written countless pieces that have brought me sadness.

     As a pet sitter, I have gone on to write the memorial pages of beloved fur clients that I loved dearly.

    As a pet parent, I sit down to write this for my sweet Kenny, and I am at a loss for words. How do I begin to describe such a perfect being? I can't.

    My sweet Kenny was found by my husband in the middle of the highway in January 2006. He came to the door with her, and in one instant I knew that lost creature had saved me. She rescued me for 13 years and 1 month, and there's not a second that my heart doesn't find her. 

Misha Cremeans

October 14, 2008 - April 6, 2018
     Misha was one of my first clients. She and her brother, Midas, quickly captured my heart with their sweet spirits. Misha was the type of dog that didn't just jump in your lap and call you a friend. You had to win her over, but once you did, she was your BFF for life.

     Misha and I became fast friends from the first day I begin sitting for her while her parents went away. We spent many a day playing fetch with her little orange ball. We would go for walks in her neighborhood or sometimes I walked and she was cradled like a baby because Ms. Emilie loves to spoil. And sometimes we just curled up on the couch for snuggles and a little HGTV.
      Misha sadly acquired kidney disease, and it took her from the people who loved her. Her mom and dad, Kathy & Scott, gave her such a great life. She went to the park every weekend and ran free. Fetch was her favorite thing to do, and she'd do it as long as you'd throw to her. She traveled to amazing places and experienced the beauty of this nature. Most of all, she knew she was loved and the unconditional love that she gave in return has "furever" changed our lives for the better. ​​

We love you, Misha! ​​

With her brother, Midas

One last time at the park with Misha

Missy Lynch

Sunrise: 2000 - Sunset: April 29, 2018
     Missy was my oldest client. She lived 18 wonderful years with a family who loved her and a pet sitter who loved her too. 

     Missy and I had a routine. We would go for small walks in her neighborhood. Once we were inside, it was always treat time. Who says dessert can't come before dinner? She loved her treats. 

     Her mom, Judy, cared for Missy with the utmost love. She would cook roast beef to mix with her dog food when Missy reached the point where she didn't want to eat. She gave her a life that all dogs deserve, but sometimes aren't blessed to know.
      She lost her sight and hearing at the very end, but love requires no sight or sound. Dogs  love better than any human could possibly love because their love is unconditional. It is given freely and without asking for anything in return.

     Oh how sweet it was to know Missy and how how sad I am that I won't get to carry her leash again.​​

  You will be missed, sweet girl! ​​

Her brother, Malcolm.

Her sister, Trouble.

Bentley Howarth

Sunrise: May 15, 2008 - Sunset: December 1, 2018
     Bentley was one of my first clients when I started my business in June 2017. I've been apart of his family's life for a year and a half. I also care for his two sisters, Micah and Addy, and his brother, Dakota.

    He was adopted from the shelter by his sister Cara in 2008 when he was just a pup. After Cara left home, Bentley stayed with his furmom, Carla, and his furdad, Mark.

     Bentley was just an all around great dog! He accepted you without a second thought. He was full of life and always ready to plant a kiss on your cheeks or mouth, whichever he hit first. Haha And the boy loved to eat! I mean his mom called him "Piggy Bentley" and it was no joke. Who doesn't like to eat though? 

     A few months before his passing, he was diagnosed with Cushings Disease and diabetes. Carla gave him insulin and medication with each meal. As his pet sitter, I learned to give him insulin shots. Carla cooked special food for him that was expensive because it was natural and healthier for his body. Carla and Mark went to the end of the earth to care for him in his sickness. 
       In the end, Bentley was no longer that sprite, energetic dog. The voracious appetite that once gobbled down his food before you blinked was gone and he didn't want to eat much or threw up what he did eat. He just didn't feel like himself anymore. As much as everyone wanted to keep him here, it was no longer fair for him to suffer.

      I believe Bentley died a happy boy because he knew what it means to be loved. Carla and Mark gave him a life that all dogs deserve, but sometimes aren't blessed to know. In return, he gave his family, and me as his pet sitter, an unconditional love that is rare and precious.   

       It was an honor to know you, Bentley. Oh how sad I am that you won't be at the door when I arrive for my next visit. I do hope dogs go to heaven because I know you'll be waiting at the gate.

  You will be missed, handsome boy! ​​

 With his sister, Addy.

 With her brother, Po.

Marley Devine

     Marley was one of my first special pups to care for when I began my pet sitting business. I've been neighbors with her mom, Kelly Devine, and her dad, Owen Devine, for the last ten years. I also cared for her brother, Po.

    Marley was adopted from a shelter, and she came to the Devine's with severe anxiety. When I met her, she was in her usual hiding spot. I spent time just sitting next to her and letting her know I was there in love.

     The first few visits with Marley were much the same. She came out to potty and went back to her corner. I continued to talk to her and reassure her that I was not like the people who had harmed her in the past.

     When I arrived for my third visit, Marley was out of her corner and welcomed me into her home and into her heart. We were buddies from that point forward. She was always docile and gentle, and she had a way of talking me into extra treats with those sweet eyes.

I began volunteering at an animal shelter years ago because of dogs like Marley. These sweet innocent blessings often come there having been abused and have never known what it's liked to have a loving family. It takes special people to intervene and adopt, and Marley was blessed to find those owners.

    Marley's death was sudden with no answers why. What her parents do know is she made their lives better for the time she was alive, and Marley died in the arms of a family who showed her the love and kindness she had always deserved. I am grateful I got to embrace such a sweet and precious angel.

You will be remembered, Marley.

How lucky am I to have something so wonderful that makes saying goodbye so hard?

Having a pet will bless you with the happiest days of your life and one of the worst.