$20 per visit 
(I do not board or do overnight stays)

DESCRIPTION : Visits are brief drop-ins that includes up to 3 pets. If you have more than 3 pets, price will be determined by the amount of time and extent of care needed for your furkids. Call (863) 701-6230 with your needs for a price.   

EXOTICS/FISH/BIRDS:   Require 1 visit per day. 
Visit will include a daily feeding & fresh water.

DOGS: require 2 visits per day IF they can go 12 hours between potty breaks. Otherwise, if only 2 visits are requested, they must be kenneled between visits or be seen 3 to 4 visits daily. The standard drop-in visit will include a potty break, feeding,  fresh water, treats, and love, as well home care. (See bottom of page for list of complimentary home care).

WALKING/EXERCISE : Potty breaks are short walks or in a fenced yard. For a longer walk or ball/fetch, an additional $5 per dog will be added to the visit.

ACCIDENTS: Random accidents are expected. However, if cleaning up of waste in home occurs frequently requiring additional time per visit, there will be a charge.

CATS: must be seen 1x per day. Cats will receive a litter box cleaning, feeding, fresh water & love! 3 litter box cleanings are included. Additional litter boxes will be assessed to determine the total price of visit. Litter will be swept up and refilled as needed. Litter box can be changed out on last visit for an additional $5.

MEDICATION : Medication administration is offered at an additional fee of $5 per visit. If your pet does not come to me & comply with treatment, medication will not be administered to avoid injury to myself.

Complimentary Home Care:

-Newspaper & Mail Brought In Daily
-Trash/Recycling Maintenance (inside trash taken out to large can, can will be taken to road and returned to home on trash & recycling days)
-Poop Scooped in yard or bagged on walks
-Alarm management
-Daily Updates/Photos/Videos
-Maintaining the cleanliness of your home
-Watering plants on patio/porch (no yard plants)
-Washing laundry if used for cleaning
-Pet Report Card