(standard visit)

(Note: I do not board or do overnight stays)​

The standard fee is subject to increase based on the number of animals, duties, and time required to do the job. Please inquire for a quote.

Prices during all standard holidays/holiday weeks/holiday weekends are an additional fee per visit. Please inquire for the holiday schedule.

The meet and greet is no charge.


-Home & Pet Insurance
 (Veracity Insurance Solutions)


-Potty break for dogs

( Dogs require at least 2 visits daily.
Add a walk for $5 for up to 2 dogs.
      $5 per additional dog.)  


-Litter box cleaning for cats
 (Cats require at least 1 visit daily. Standard visit includes
2 boxes.)  

                                      ​​-Cleaning Up Minor Accidents
                                   (Dogs that are  not potty trained must be in a kennel
between visits for the care of your home.)

-Feeding meals/giving treats

-Texts with updates/pictures/videos


                                        -Report card

-Mail/Packages Picked Up 


-Trash take out​

   -Watering plants
     (up to 5)